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    Photographing multiple siblings is no walk in the park.  In this case, it was a […]

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    One of our most popular photo tip posts is from 2011, 20 PHOTO IDEAS FOR FAMILY PORTRAITS. Many of these women now have successful photography businesses. Be inspired!

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    What determines if you are failing or succeeding?  I have to ask myself this question […]


The New Parent's Guide to Photographing Your Baby's First Year!

"You can bet this will be my go-to gift for baby showers! - BreAnna, SD

"As a lifestyle photographer, I lllloooove this book for my mommy clients! I can't be there to follow their kiddos around every day....this book is the best tool I can give them to help capture great pics on their own." - Angela

Whether you are a pro photographer or budding newbie, or maybe a painter, or writer, or musician--if you are a creative and in need of inspiration, click here!

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We had friends over for dinner a few nights ago. The temperature has been so high here that we decided to sit outside. There was a whole lot of cheep-cheeping coming from our apple tree that hangs over our table and chairs. And wouldn’t you know it, there was a […]

I read once that to be an artist is one thing, but to live an artistic life is another. Brian and I took this statement as a call to create an artistic life with our marriage, kids and business. This last February, we put our dreaming to the test. We packed two backpacks, our camera gear, the kids' homeschool books, and rented a house in the jungles of southern Thailand for two months. There were no cars, no roads, but there was WiFi to keep our business running. And there were monkeys - sometimes forty monkeys ransacking our kitchen at once.

We documented our family adventures through photography and writing. We watched the kids grow in confidence as they found their way in a foreign land. We walked miles each day with them by our side, and shared stories that only come up when you have miles to walk together. We created dances in the waves. We fell asleep to the cicada beetles at night. And somewhere in the challenges and rewards of living in the jungle, we created an artistic life that turned our dreaming into reality.